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Leaders and Lures

36" 175# Fluorocarbon Leader 450 Strand Blended Tinsel Fluted Indiana Blades Size 8 & 9 Magnum #8, #9, #10's 24 different types: Ball Bearing, Ring, Stay-loc, Fastach Doug Wegner Designed Leader Inline & Snap Weed Kits for Walleye Musky Leech Lake Pearl 1/69" Tinsel 3 Tie Bucktail 4" to 6" Tied Hair 721 Tinsel New Illini Powdercoat Painted Blades #8 & #10 Crackle Green Tinsel - New for 2024 Illini #6 and #8 Clevis - New for 2024 #6 Illini one piece Brass Clevis with Speed Enhancer

Welcome to Leaders & Lures

The Number 1 Choice of Fishing Leaders and Tinsel for All Types of Fishing

Leaders and Lures is a premier manufacturer of cables and wire assemblies for the Sport Fishing and Aerospace Industries and for many commercial applications in Heavy Industry

We offer a life-time guarantee on all of our Hand-Crimped Leaders against Failure.

Our American manufactured, hand crafted stainless steel and fluorocarbon fishing leaders are the #1 choice of  many professionals as well as those who just love to fish.  

Our Leaders are hand crimped using a specially designed American made hardened alloy sleeve, with a specially manufactured retaining compound during the assembly process to assure bonding of the sleeve to the leader.  The sleeves are hand crimped to a very strict tolerances using a custom designed set of dies and are hand assembled by skilled professionals who painstakingly pay attention to detail.  Leaders are Pull Tested to meet our acceptable In-house Standards.  All stainless steel wire materials are manufactured to American Society and Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards and are proudly made in America.  We manufacture leaders in strength from 20 to 200 pounds, in lengths of 6 inches to 60 inches, or to customer specifications.

Our custom Tinsel blends are manufactured in house utilizing specially designed equipment that allows blending of multiple sizes and colors.  The possibilities are endless!  We offer our tinsel in SOLID, HOLOGRAPHIC, LUSTER, and TWISTED BLENDS in 1/16, 1/32, and 1/69 inches. The new addition in 2019 is FLAT and FLUORESCENT tinsel in 1/32" widths.  Our standard strand count is 450 strands, but we can blend to any count based on customer specifications.  Our specialty walleye and bass tinsel is 350 strands.  Our handcafted tinsel is available as skirts tied on a coil, skirts with silicone collars, skirts with skirt bodies, or as hanks, in lengths of 4 inches to 64 inches.  

To our Canadian customers: we are currently charging a blanket $50 fee for international shipping.  In the event shipping should cost less than $50, the actual shipping charge will be applied and any overpayment will be refunded.

US customers Free shipping over $75