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Leaders and Lures

1/32" & 1/16" Custom Blended Tinsel by Weight 12" 130# Fluorocarbon Leader 9" 80# Fluorocarbon Leader 9" & 12" 174# jerk Bait Leader 36" 175# Fluorocarbon Leader 15" 100# Fluorocarbon Leader 60" 200# Fluorocarbon Leader 174# .029" DIA 12" LONG #3 SOLID WELDED RINGS BOTH ENDS Fastach Clip  Leaders New for 2017 3 ea. Pack of 9" 60# 7 Strand Leaders $7.99 New for 2017 Tinsel Walleye Jig's & Skirts Spinnerbait Headless 1 oz on .062" solid  wire Snow White Spinnerbait Headless 1 oz on .062" solid  wire Snow White Custom Blend Leader 3 Pack  $14.99 100# Fluorocarbon Leader 3 Pack  $14.99 80# Fluorocarbon

Welcome to Leaders & Lures

The Number 1 Choice of Fishing Leaders and Tackle for All Types of Fishing

Leaders and Lures is a premier manufacturer of cables and wire assemblies for the Sport Fishing and Aerospace Industries and for many commercial applications in Heavy Industry

We offer a life-time guarantee on all of our Hand-Crimped Sleeves against Failure.

Our American manufactured, hand crafted stainless steel and fluorocarbon fishing leaders are the #1 choice of  many professionals as well as those who just love to fish.  Our leaders are made of the highest quality materials and are hand assembled by skilled professionals who painstakingly pay attention to detail.

From the company's start, Leaders & Lures has specialized in only the best to ensure the longest lasting value for our customer’s dollar.  These products  are used for Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Large & Smallmouth Bass, and Saltwater applications.

All of our hand crimped sleeves use a specially designed American made hardened alloy sleeve. We use a specially manufactured retaining compound during the assembly process assure bonding of the sleeve to the leader.  The sleeves are hand crimped to a very strict tolerances using a custom designed set of dies.

All stainless steel wire materials are manufactured to American Society and Testing Materials (ASTM) Standards and are proudly made in America.

Leaders are Pull Tested to meet our acceptable In-house Standards.


Fishing Leaders and Fishing Lures Fishing Leaders and Fishing Lures